Creating a great user experience for your software is critical to keeping your customers happy. A user makes certain assumptions within seconds of viewing your product. These assumptions are what drives their decisions so no matter how useful your application may be if the design is frustrating or confusing, no one will want to use it. Hiring an experienced UX designer as early as possible during the development of your project will result in a positive user experience.

A capable visual designer

UX design is as much as an art as it is a science. Hire someone who has a great idea of what looks great, appeals to your target customer base, and knows a variety of design tools.

Aware of current UXD trends

Keeping up-to-date on trends and technology helps provide the best possible service. Equally as important, however, is being able to choosing the right approach for the project.

Understanding your target customers

The deeper the insights a UX designer has to motivation, goals, and the way future users will use the software, the easier it is to create a great user experience.

Gathering and analyzing feedback

User experience design is an ongoing effort. A good UX designer is able to conduct usability tests and run focus groups to assist in creating a positive user experience.

Technically Savvy

Although UX designers don’t have to get their hands dirty with coding, basic understanding of the technology required for the project makes everyone’s jobs easier.

Able to work independently

Most UX designers work alone, but they still need to communicate effectively with others. Having an open mind is key to accepting criticism without becoming upset.